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Essential information | Japan Electronics College | JPSS, for information abo...

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日本電子専門学校 | Japan Electronics College

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In 1951, Japan Electronics College was founded in Shinjuku Tokyo, the information transmission mecca.

Ever since its foundation the Japan Electronics College has remained sensitive to global developments and has been committed to the training of professionals that meet the demands of society.

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Essential information

Address and inquiries
1-25-4 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo

Telephone number: 0120-00-9691    Fax number: 03-3363-7107
Inquiry e-mail:
Registered international students (by year)
2008 year

China 128 / Taiwan 65 / Hong Kong 10 / Korea 246 / Others 69

Information of entrance exam for international students
International Students Application

Application period Sep.1,2008 ~ Mar.4,2009
Selection process Paper Screening,Written Examination,Essay,Interview,other: Japanese language

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