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Ishikawa Prefecture is well-known for the Noto peninsula, one of Japan's peninsulas extending into the Sea of Japan, and the climate there is relatively cool. International students that are not used to very warm climates should consider coming to study in Ishikawa. Many of Japan's cultural traditions have deep roots in Ishikawa. For example, "Kagayuzen" dyed fabrics, "Wajimanuri" lacquer work, and "Kutaniyaki" pottery all originated in Ishikawa. Also, the castle town in Kanazawa City, the prefectural capital of Ishikawa, is well-known for its traditional street scenes. International students who come to study in Ishikawa are grateful for all the cultural experiences these traditions bring to their time in Japan. There are also many impressive sights such as the Kenroku-en gardens which Ishikawa is well-known for.

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