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Showa Women's University Humanities and Culture ★2025年度から留学生...

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2024/06/25 Showa Women's University Humanities and Culture University news

New programs and scholarships for international students will begin in the 2025 academic year!

<Faculty of International Studies, Department of International Studies Track for International Students starts!>
This program is designed for international students. Students must take English and Japanese as their foreign language.
EJU score criteria are not required! (Exams required)
After admission, students will receive an intensive Japanese language program, generous study support, and systematic career education, while enhancing their expertise and developing the skills required in a global society.
For more information, please check the website of the Department of International Studies, School of International Studies.
*Only the Department of International Studies in the School of International Studies is accepting applications.

<Scholarships for International Students>
1. entrance fee waiver scholarship
International students enrolling in a regular course of study at the university are eligible for a full waiver of the entrance fee.
Certain conditions and an application at the time of application are required to use this system.
2. tuition fee waiver system for privately financed international students
Tuition is reduced or exempted for international students who meet certain conditions and are enrolled in a regular course of study, depending on their academic performance.
The tuition reduction rate ranges from 20-60% depending on the GPA of the semester immediately prior to the application.
The tuition reduction rate for the first semester of enrollment is a flat rate of 30%.

*2024 Open Campus will be held on the following dates
June 23 (Sunday) 9:30-15:30
July 21 (Sunday) 9:30-15:30
August 17 (Saturday) 9:30-15:30
August 18 (Sun.) 9:30 - 15:30

For more information, please visit the Showa Women's University Open Campus website.

*Please note that due to various circumstances such as disasters and infectious diseases, some of the information on the entrance examination and Open Campus may be subject to change.
Please be sure to check the university's admissions information website for any changes.

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