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2024/01/29 Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program University news

R-STEPプログラム <金閣寺・龍安寺・仁和寺>

2023年12月5日(火)から15日(金)まで、海外協定校の学生を対象に、短期留学プログラム「R-STEP(Ryukoku Short-Term Experience Program)」を開催し、3ヶ国から10名の学生が参加。12月6日(水)プログラム2日目は、Ryukoku Student Buddies(龍谷大学生バディ)とともにフィールドトリップで金閣寺、龍安寺、仁和寺などに行きました。

Today we had our very first field trip in Kyoto.
With us came along two of our Japanese Buddies.

We first went to visit Kinkaku-ji Temple, a beautiful and peaceful golden temple.
We rode the metro line and then a taxi to get there.
It was very crowded as it is one of Kyoto's most famous tourist attractions yet we all enjoyed it very much.
Right after that we walked to Ryoan-ji Temple where we admired the wonderful stone garden.
Some of us also bought some souvenirs there.
Lastly we walked to Ninna-ji Temple. We spent all the time we could exploring before they told us they were closing and we had to leave.

All along the way were shared jokes and laughs with our Japanese buddies and even made plans to hang out more.
A truly wonderful afternoon!



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