Chuo University Economics 中央大学は2012年度日本留学フェアにブースを出展... | News | JPSS, the information site of studying in Japan | 2012/04/16 update

Chuo University Economics 中央大学は2012年度日本留学フェアにブースを出展... |...

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2012/04/16 Chuo University Economics University news

Chuo University will attend the 2012 Japan Education Fairs hosted by Japan
Student Services Organization (JASSO). You are welcome to visit our booth
at the fair if you are interested in studying in Japan.
Taiwan (Gaoxiong & Taipei): July 21 (Gaoxiong) and 22 (Taipei) ,2012
Republic of Korea (Busan & Seoul) : September 8 (Busan) and 9 (Seoul) , 2012
Kingdom of Thailand (Bangkok) : September 16, 2012
Republic of Indonesia (Jakarta): September 30, 2012

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