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Chuo University Global Management The new application guidelines for Chuo Uni...

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2019/09/17 Chuo University Global Management University news

The new application guidelines for Chuo University's Faculty of Global Management (GLOMAC) has been released on the web [Method B].
Our faculty is where you can learn about global management in English.

[Method B] does not require applicants to meet Japanese proficiency requirements. No individual exam needs to be taken at Chuo University, and admission decisions will be made through a comprehensive evaluation of submitted application documents.
Applicants will record answers to online interview questions announced in advance and students will upload their video responses.

The application period is from February 28 (Fri.) to March 5 (Thur.), 2020, and the announcements of test results will be made on April 9, 2020 (Thur.).

For details, please read through the new application guidelines. Also, please refer to the related application documents which are available on the Chuo University Website at:

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Chuo University
Office of the Faculty of Global Management

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