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Chuo University Global Management The Faculty of Global Management was founde...

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2019/09/17 Chuo University Global Management Berita sekolah

The Faculty of Global Management was founded with the aim of fostering active global business leaders through education and research on management, economics theory, and other related fields. Under the slogan of “Be Ahead of the World,” the Faculty is committed to establishing innovation in the development of global education at Chuo University, building upon the collective resources and wisdom that have been the foundation of 135 years of history and tradition at Chuo University.

On April 1, 2019, we welcomed our first cohort of talented and ambitious students from Japan and abroad. The newly enrolled students have the honor of assuming a place in the history of Chuo University, a position they share with all the faculty and staff of the Global Management Faculty, affectionately known as “GLOMAC.”

Offering the option of Fall enrollment as well, this September GLOMAC expects to welcome significant numbers of international students from around the world. We look forward to and are proud to be building a new and dynamic Faculty together with these three hundred members of the inaugural GLOMAC class.

Hisashi KAWAI
Dean, Faculty of Global Management

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