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Musashino University Global Studies 【武蔵野大学】6月5日(火)・6日(水) 渋谷ヒ...

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2018/05/28 Musashino University Global Studies University news

【武蔵野大学】6月5日(火)・6日(水) 渋谷ヒカリエ 外国人学生のための進学説明会を参加します!

日本留学ラボフェア 外国人学生のための進学説明会を参加します!
開催日時:6月5日(火)・6日(水)  ※各日11:00~17:00
開催会場:渋谷ヒカリエ 9階「ヒカリエホール」



Musashino University will participate in‘Japan Schools Guidance for International Students’on June 5th (Tuesday) and 6th (Wednesday), 2018

Event Date: June 5th (Tuesday) and 6th (Wednesday) ※Time: 11:00~17:00
Event Place: Shibuya Hikarie 9F「Hikarie Hall」
Nearest Station: Shibuya station
Usable Track Line: JR line, Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Keio Inokashira Line, Tokyu-Toyoko line, Denentoshi line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line, Fukutoshi line

Our staff can speak Japanese, Chinese, English, and Tagalog.
We invite you to visit our booth. See you there!

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