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Research course information

Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences 

Our society today is tangled with and mutually influenced by various problems. With a mission of promoting research to solve such issues and fostering talented individuals, a new type of “Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences” was born under the education and research principle of integrating arts and sciences. In this school, we take global and scientific approaches to grasp our targets, human beings and nature: their mutually influential relations between the two and various problems that occur in the process of correlations. We also conduct educational research with highly advanced specialty and an interdisciplinary approach.

Registered international students (by year)

Humanities and Social Sciences< Master’s Courses >

With background of gradual globalization and the structural reformation of Japanese society that follows, there need be specialists with high expertise and flexible judgments to ensure the independent development of the community. In correspondence with the need of the community, we offer versatile and flexible education programs based on academic integration of areas related to Humanities and Social Sciences. Thus, we foster talented personnel capable of contributing to the development of the community.

Studies in Education< Master’s Courses >

Drastic changes in social structures are causing many serious problems in school education sites, and teachers are required to have higher qualities to manage such complicate issues. We aim to foster teachers who have practical abilities to correctly grasp the problems of schools and properly cope with them. Also, we aim to foster teachers who have extensive knowledge of human development and their teaching subjects, both academically and practically, and who have qualifications to apply such knowledge creatively to actual school education.

Studies in Science< Master’s Courses >

We aim at offering graduate school education that can flexibly cope with drastic changes in the society such as IT revolution as well as sophistication, versatility, digitalization, and globalization in the fields of academic research. Natural Science course aims to promote versatile and creative education/research, and to create state-of-the-art fundamental science through cooperation with fields like mathematics, physics, biology, and earth science, as well as research facilities and organizations in and outside of Japan. Applied Science Course covers areas like information science, applied chemistry, marine life & molecule engineering, and disaster prevention science. We aim to foster engineers who can grasp all the research from basic to applied, and to exercise high aptitudes for researching challenges in the midst of severe international competition in science and technology.

Medical Science< Master’s Courses >

While advanced fields of medicine, such as gene therapy, regenerative medicine, and reproductive medicine, are being introduced, social circumstances involving medicine and medical treatment are fundamentally changing. In order to properly cope with such situations, we need to develop and enhance medical science incorporating both natural science and humanities. Thus, we welcome graduates from various faculties including natural sciences (science, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and engineering, etc.) and the humanities (psychology, sociology, economics, education, etc.). We aim to foster not only medical researchers with highly specialized knowledge and techniques but also medical professionals who can comprehensively grasp social problems associated with medical science.

Nursing Science< Master’s Courses >

Medical professionals are expected to support people’s right to live a healthy and culture-rich life, taking inspiration from Kochi University’s motto “Value the Workplace,” and also to help nurses to develop both problem-solving abilities and the humane social skills desirable as members of society. Additionally, we encourage practicing nurses, educators of nursing staff, and nursing managerial staff who can think logically and creatively with the techniques enabled by their highly specialized knowledge. We also aim to produce practicing nurses who can promote the enhancement of health as a most important consideration for people not only in medical spheres but also in their daily life. As a result of this training they can be enabled to offer comprehensive support as medical professionals as well as citizens.

Agricultural Science< Master’s Courses >

In order to make contributions to the sound development of communities and international societies, the fields of agriculture, forestry, and fishery have the following missions: securing safe food, highly effective use of biological recourses, as well as preservation and recovery of regional and global environments. Through education systems that can flexibly meet the needs of diverse societies and research areas, we teach students according to individual’s quality and course based on individual curriculum. We aim to foster experts who possess both expertise and high techniques.

Studies in Applied Science< Doctoral Courses >

Taking advantage of the geographical characteristics of the Kochi region situated on the Pacific Ocean with natural resources, this graduate school promotes advanced research on the two main fields: marine natural science and material functional science. The former deals with oceans, resources and environment, and the latter deals with materials, information and quanta. We aim for students to acquire high specialty in a wide range of areas of applied natural science including fundamental science. Also, under the educational principle of graduate school – integration of arts and sciences, we foster highly professional researchers who possess sound views on nature, earth and human beings, and who can research and solve problems by themselves.

Medicine< Doctoral Courses >

Our educational principles are aimed at helping students to cultivate sound ethical sensibilities and humanitarian principles as well as to acquire medical expertise and skills. Our education and research systems are based on a combination of natural and human sciences. We aim to achieve a high level of medical research and practice that can flexibly cope with the different and varied needs of society. At the same time, we aim to foster specialists who can contribute to the promotion of medical studies and medical treatment derived from the traditions of the region; excellent medical researchers whose work is accepted internationally; and capable clinical doctors who are research-oriented.

Kuroshio Science< Doctoral Courses >

We are now facing critical issues on the earth such as rapid increase of population, food crisis, depletion of resources, environmental pollution and global warming. These problems are so complex and extensive that they cannot always be solved only by disciplines as classically defined. We think of how we can harmonize human activities with global ecosystems and of what policies and devices are essential to achieve it from multiple scientific and sociological standpoints, so that problems might not occur. It is the new study field Kuroshio Science to realize this concept. Our mission is to establish a sustainable socioeconomic system by which substances may cycle in natural environments and to hand down the present valuable environments and diverse creatures on the earth to next generations.

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