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Search Japanese Junior colleges in Fukuoka. | JPSS, the information site of s...

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Some of the countries closest to Japan are China, Korea, and Taiwan. Fukuoka Prefecture is located very close to these countries, most notably China and Korea. Korea is easily accessible by a short, high-speed ferry ride from Fukuoka, and it is easy to imagine how this high level of international access has brought a great deal of international exchange to the prefecture's educational institutions. Fukuoka also the most universities of any of the prefectures in Kyushu, Japan's southern main island. This offers international students a wide variety of choices for pursuing their studies. In addition to your Japanese student friends, you will also be able to meet many students from China and Korea, and these merits make Fukuoka an ideal choice for international study.

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Orio Aishin Junior College Faculties

Kyushu Sangyo University, Zokei Junior College of Art and Design Faculties

Kyushu Women's Junior College Faculties

Nakamura Gakuen University Junior College Faculties

Fukuoka Institute of Technoloty, Junior College Faculties

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