News(Page 135) | JPSS, the information site of studying in Japan

News(Page 135) | JPSS, the information site of studying in Japan

Your chance to receive a scholarship through acceptance using the Scouting Function

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Useful information for studying abroad

Search for a place to study

You can search for information such as application and admission periods, and academic programs, as well as access information for universities, graduate schools, junior colleges and vocational schools that recruit international students
And of course, those already in Japan attending Japanese language schools can also use this site as career guidance for local schools.

Guide for Studying Abroad in Japan

To live trouble-free as an international student, it is necessary to understand precisely and correctly the administrative procedures and way of life in Japan. Check here if you find anything you can’t understand about life in Japan.

Japan scholarship

In Japan, many scholarships have been provided for international students from various organizations. However, the qualifications and amounts greatly differ among them. Let’s look for scholarship that meets your own situation.

Search for a university