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International Christian University (ICU) Liberal Arts Welcome to ICU!オンライ...

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2024/05/29 International Christian University (ICU) Liberal Arts University news

Welcome to ICU!
ICU Online Open Campus 2024 in English will be held on Saturday, June 08 at 10:00 a.m. (JST)!

[1]10:00-10:35 Introducing ICU by Associate Professor Akiko Fujii
If you want to know more about ICU, please participate in this program.
What kind of university is ICU like? What is liberal arts? What is a major or minor? Associate Professor Akiko Fujii (Language Education Major) will give a presentation on ICU's unique bilingual liberal arts education. ICU students will also join the program from PART Ⅱ to talk about their campus life.
We will try to answer questions from participants submitted during the webinar to the best of our abilities!

[2]10:35-10:55 Presentations by ICU students
ICU students will join.

[3]10:55-11:30 Panel session, incl. Q&A
Moderator: Prof. Fujii, Panelists: ICU students

Registration Requred. Please visit our Website for details.

*"Online Open Campus in Japanese" will be held in the afternoon of the same day.

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