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Temple University, Japan Campus Undergraduate Program 【観光・ホスピタリティ...

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2023/05/15 Temple University, Japan Campus Undergraduate Program University news

[Temple University Japan Expands Course Offerings with New Tourism and Hospitality Degree Program in Fall 2023]
Underscoring its commitment to offering a variety of academic opportunities and career pathways, the Japan campus of Temple University (TUJ) has announced the introduction of the university’s world-renowned Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM) undergraduate degree program in Japan, starting this fall semester in September. Temple University’s THM program was ranked 7th globally in 2022 by Shanghai Ranking (ARWU) for academic subjects.

The expansion of the THM program to Japan aims to prepare TUJ students for professional careers in the fast-paced and creative trillion-dollar global tourism and hospitality industry. This dynamic field offers a series of career paths, including entertainment venues, resorts, casinos, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, airlines, event planning companies, destination marketing organizations, and tourism boards. Furthermore, the skills learned in this program are transferable to other industries, such as communications, entertainment, sports, and even healthcare.

The Japanese market is a prime career destination for THM students as Japan has a thriving tourism industry, with millions of visitors each year and a growing interest in sustainable tourism practices. The Japanese hospitality industry is known for its high standards of service and attention to detail, making it an excellent place for graduates of this program to launch their careers.

The THM undergraduate degree program will provide students with a comprehensive education, covering all aspects of the industry, including tourism and hospitality management, marketing, accounting, finance, and operations management. Students can also participate in internships, study abroad programs, and networking events to gain practical experience and establish connections in the industry.

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