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2022/03/18 Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program University news

Relocation of the Faculty of Sociology to the Fukakusa Campus & the Possibility of Establishing a New Faculty at the Seta Campus

Ryukoku University has a Ryukoku Strategic Plan 400 (RSP400) that will roll out various initiatives up until the fiscal year 2039, which also marks the 400th year since the university’s establishment. The RSP400 aims to give each of the university’s three campuses a ‘campus brand’, enhancing the education and research environment at each campus, and giving each campus a distinct and unique brand in terms of learning environment and function.

The university consists of the Fukakusa, Seta and Omiya campuses. At the Fukakusa Campus new knowledge and value is created by combining the knowledge and intellect of the study of sociology in our rapidly evolving society. The Seta Campus focuses more on natural studies, addressing environmental issues such as carbon neutrality in an effort to drive value creation and social change. Finally, the role of the Omiya Campus is to deepen learning and research into museums and libraries and disciplines in human studies.

The university is aiming to make its Seta Campus a hub for education and research that tackles both global and social issues. This began with the establishment of the Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology in 2020 and will continue with the opening of a Faculty of Psychology in 2023 and the relocation of the Faculty of Sociology from the Seta Campus to the Fukakusa Campus in 2025. We are also reviewing the possibility of creating new departments at the Seta Campus.

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