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Tohoku University FGL: Future Global Leadership 【東北大学】【The Application...

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2022/01/06 Tohoku University FGL: Future Global Leadership University news

【東北大学】【The Application for October 2022 Enrollment is now available! 】

The online application window for the October 2022 Enrollment in Tohoku University FGL opens from “Noon, January 5 (Wed.) to Noon, January 12 (Wed.) (JST*).”
Since the FGL program is an English-medium program, no Japanese language ability is required at the time of application, but you will be asked to prove your English ability with the submission of a proficiency test score, etc.
We currently offer the following three undergraduate degree courses in Science, Engineering, and Agricultural & Fisheries Science, respectively.
 ・AMC (Advanced Molecular Chemistry) course
 ・IMAC-U (International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) course
 ・AMB (Applied Marine Biology) course
For details, please refer to the following FGL website and the FGL Application Guide 2022 there.

*JST: Japan Standard Time is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) +9 hours.

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