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Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program 日本では秋といえば食...

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2020/11/06 Ryukoku University Japanese Culture and Language Program University news

In Japan, autumn is known as the ‘Season for a Healthy Appetite’. An abundance of food comes into harvest and delicious seasonal dishes are cooked around the country. Let’s look at the cafeterias and cafés often frequented by international students on the Fukakusa campus.

There are three cafeterias on the Fukakusa campus, located in buildings 3, 4 and 22.
• In building 3 students can enjoy a food-court type setting with a wide variety of dishes (some of which change weekly), including pasta, ramen noodles, Korean bibimbap, teishoku set menu, and the very popular omelet and rice.
• Building 4 provides a relaxing, open space for students to enjoy a café menu. In addition to cappuccinos, lattes and caramel macchiatos, students can also get a sweet fix with crepes and original sundaes. From time to time the café also offers an original menu based off students ideas and requests. Students can also buy obento or choose take-out if the café is busy.
• The Japanese-style cafeteria in building 22 offers a menu of over 20 dishes. Students choose small portions from a variety of foods, to enjoy a well-balanced and delicious Japanese meal.
 See the link below for more details.

Enjoy a variety of menus from both the cafeterias and cafés.
Definitely check out Café Ryukoku &, which opened in 2020.
Ryukoku University, making sure you enjoy your student life with delicious food!

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