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List of universities offering application by website

Web applications allow you take carry out application procedures over the internet. This includes the preparation of application forms and payment by credit card.
This is more convenient and easy because application forms do not need to be sent by post, and bank payments are not necessary. For details, please see the page of each university.

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UniversityHosei University

Global society is constantly in motion, driven by the various people of the world, who all hold their own cultures and ideas. In order to take one's place in this evolving global society, it is essential to develop new modes of free thinking. Since its founding in 1880 under the principles of "Freedom and Progress", Hosei University has graduated talented individuals who have gone on to promote societal reform in a wide range of fields, as well as contribute achievements in culture and sports. We nurture the talents and skills of our students so that they can excel on the global stage with our numerous fields of study in 15 faculties and over 200 clubs and unique extracurricular activities, all in 3 distinctive campuses located in Tokyo. Diverse individuals gather here from throughout Japan and around the world. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas to share. Perspectives are broadened greatly through new challenges that encourage students to redefine their personal abilities and limits.

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UniversityChuo University

Chuo University was first established in 1885 as the English Law School. Today it is one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in Japan and is particularly renowned for accomplishments in law, policy studies, and science and engineering. In addition, many of Chuo's Business and Economics graduates have gone on to become top-level executives at major corporations in Japan and abroad. During our 134-year history, Chuo has seen steady growth from a specialized School of Law, which continues to produce many of Japan’s judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, to a comprehensive university with eight faculties, seven graduate schools, and two professional graduate schools, in addition to nine research institutes, four affiliated high schools, and two affiliated junior high schools. Chuo was founded on the spirit of “Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice”, and we aspire to provide practical education that helps young people meet the demands of today’s global society.

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