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สำหรับผู้ที่กำลังพิจารณาเรื่องเข้าศึกษาต่อที่มหาวิทยาลัยInternational University of Japan JAPAN STUDY SUPPORTเป็นเว็บไซต์ให้ข้อมูลการศึกษาต่อที่ประเทศญี่ปุ่นสำหรับนักศึกษาต่างชาติโดยการดำเนินงานร่วมกันของ The Asian Students Cultural Association และ Benesse Corporation สำหรับท่านที่กำลังค้นหาข้อมูลการศึกษาต่อเกี่ยวกับInternational University of Japanต้องเข้าชมเวบไซต์นี้เนื่องจากมีรายละเอียดของแต่ละสาขาวิจัยเช่นGraduate School of International RelationsหรือGraduate School of International ManagementของInternational University of Japanเป็นต้น นอกจากนี้ยังมีข้อมูลของสถาบันการศึกษาระดับมหาวิทยาลัย・บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย・วิทยาลัยระดับอนุปริญญา・วิทยาลัยอาชีวศึกษากว่า 1,300 แห่งที่กำลังเปิดรับสมัครนักศึกษาต่างชาติอีกด้วย

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国際大学 | International University of Japan


IUJ is a graduate school where the world gathers.

The International University of Japan (IUJ) aims to cultivate future global leaders capable of finding practical solutions to the various global issues facing the world. With the support from the economical and educational communities, as well as the local Niigata community, IUJ was founded in 1982 as the nation’s first graduate school in which all courses are offered in English. Since its inception IUJ has implemented a September enrollment system, opening its doors to students from around the globe.
On a campus rich in nature, students from over 40 countries and regions around the globe live together in an environment that fosters friendly competition around the clock, and the chance to build lasting friendships and networks that continue on long after course completion. The university boasts an alumni of over 3,800 students, from 115 different countries, currently working successfully around the globe.

International University of Japan หัวข้อวิจัยรายการ

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Graduate School of International Management

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【International University of Japan】Info. Session/Open Campus/Study-In-Japan Fair information in October
[Info. Session in Tokyo]
Date: Saturday, October 22
Place: Tokyo
Information: in Japanese http://www.iuj.ac.jp/jp/2016/10/20161006/ in English http://www.iuj.ac.jp/20161006/

[Open Campus]
Date: Saturday, October 29
Place: IUJ Campus in Niigata
Information: in Japanese http://www.iuj.ac.jp/jp/2016/09/20160929/
In English:http://www.iuj.ac.jp/20160929/

[Study-In-Japan Fair in Cambodia]
Date: Sunday, October 23
Place: Phnom Penh
Information: http://www.iuj.ac.jp/20161011/

[Study-In-Japan Fair in Laos]
Date: Wednesday, October 26
Place: Vientiane
Information: http://www.iuj.ac.jp/20161012-2/

[Study-In-Japan Fair in Kenya]
Date: Wednesday, October 26
Place: Nairobi
Information: http://www.iuj.ac.jp/20161020/

[Study-In-Japan Fair in Indonesia]
Date: Sunday, October 30
Place: Jakarta
Information: http://www.iuj.ac.jp/20161017/

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The Graduate School of International Management

The Graduate School of International Management (GSIM), which was launched in 1988 with cooperation from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in the United States, was the first full-blown U.S. style business school in Japan. With the aim of developing global business leaders for the future, our programs are built upon an English-based curriculum. IUJ Business School has established itself as a leading gradaute business school in Japan and Aisa.
GSIM website: http://gsim.iuj.ac.jp/

Business School Rankings

The GSIM has received high acclaim from international MBA rankings.

 The only university from Japan ranked in "Top-100 B-schols of the world" put out by the Economist magazine for many years.

 The only business school from Japan listed in the ‘Rising Star’ rankings in the Netherlands-based FindyourMBA.com, coming in at 9th globally, and 2nd in Asia.

 Ranked 1st in Asia in Mexico’s influential ‘Expansión business magazine’s Best Global MBAs for Mexicans.

 Ranked 1st in Japan in the Global Top Business Schools 2009: Employers’ Choice, published by international education information provider QS.

 Ranked 3rd overall in the ‘MBA Satisfaction Rankings’ put out by the Nikkei Career Magazine, one of the most widely read magazines on career development in Japan.

Entrance Ceremony

Entrance Ceremony

Around Campus

Around Campus

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony




MBA Program
Fostering leaders of multinational companies and organizations

After acquiring fundamental knowledge in the areas of finance, marketing, accounting, management, IT and operations management, etc., students then select courses in line with their future career plan. This program nurtures leaders capable of solving management problems in multicultural environments.

One-Year MBA Program
Intensive program to develop global business leaders

This intensive program, which aims to develop the cohesive management skills necessary to become an integrative business leader, is designed to give students who already have experience and specialist knowledge, an overview of the global business environment during an intensive 12-month period. This program targets people who already have at least five years work experience.

E-Business Management Program (1 year)
Producing human resources who can effectively use information technology to create added value to different types of business.

 Master of E-Business Management
This one-year masters course aims to cultivate human resources who can effectively use technology to create an added value to the business. The course is flexible, allowing students to take MBA subjects suited to their own specific career plan.




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