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正在考虑去津田塾大学留学的各位: JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT 是财团法人亚洲学生文化协会和倍楽生(倍乐生)股份有限公司共同主办的面向外国留学生的日本留学信息网。 津田塾大学的College of Liberal Arts 学部、College of Policy Studies 学部等,不同系的详细信息都分别登载在此信息网上。正在寻找津田塾大学的留学信息的各位同学,请利用此网查询。另外,在此网上登载着约1300条大学、大学院、短大、专门学校正在招收留学生的信息。

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津田塾大学 | Tsuda University

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College of Policy Studies

☆Online Open Campus Special Website
The open campus in July and August will be held online.
Please visit our online open campus special website to learn more about the history and education of Tsuda University and student life. Open mock classes and campus tour videos are also available.

<Online Open Campus Special Website (Japanese)>

☆Tsuda University was ranked No. 1 among the private women’s universities in THE Japan University Rankings 2020
 Tsuda University was ranked No. 1 among the private women’s universities in the Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings. Its overall ranking was 44, 13 places up from last year’s ranking of 57.
 This ranking consists of 4 elements: Resources, Engagement, Outcomes, and Environment. Tsuda University was ranked No. 15 in the Engagement ranking, which includes evaluations from students through student surveys, and No. 1 among the women’s universities in both the Engagement and Outcomes rankings, the latter of which is based on evaluations from companies and researchers. These high rankings are probably due to the fact that since our foundation in 1900, we have fostered our students' individuality by keeping classes small, and we have produced graduates who have been drivers of change in society.
 We will continue to work on enhancing and strengthening our education.

☆Portrait of Umeko Tsuda, founder of Tsuda University, to be featured on the new 5,000-yen bill.
For details, please visit :

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邮政编码 187-8577
咨询地址 2-1-1 Tsuda-machi, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo
咨询部门 Strategy Promotion Headquarters Office
电话号码 042-342-1662
传真号码 042-342-1663
留学生特别考试 有留学生特别考试
招生人数 5人 (2021年度)
参加考试人数 3人 (2020年度)
合格人数 1人 (2020年度)
在籍留学生数(持留学签证) 3人 (2020年度)
报名费 35,000 日元 (2020年度)
入学金 200,000 日元 (2020年度)
教育费/年 800,000 日元 (2020年度)
其他费用 280,000 日元 (2020年度)
备注 Application fee details: The Phase 1 Application is 10,000 yen, and the Phase 2 Application is 25,000 yen.

*An insurance premium of 4,010 yen and an alumni association deposit of 50,000 yen are also required.
*University-designated notebook computer costs, etc. (approx. 180,000 yen)
学科 Department of Policy Studies
申请资料发布时期 6月下旬
大学单独考试的历年考题 可邮寄(仅限日本国内)
入学年月(春期) 2021年4月入学
申请类别 Special entrance examination (for international students)
申请时期的开始日期 2020年9月7日
申请时期的结束日期 2020年9月18日 (必到)
考试日期 2020年10月31日
合格公布日期 2020年11月10日
入学手续截止日 2020年11月24日
大学单独考试的科目 小论文、面试。Essay's theme is social problems.
日本留学考试-指定科目 综合科目。See Remarks.
日本留学考试-出题语言 日语
英语考试 Please submit one of the followings. Certificate of TOEFL, TOEIC, GTEC (only CBT type), TEAP (4 skills), TEAP CBT or STEP EIKEN (CBT is acceptable. CSE score must be written). Exam other than STEP EIKEN must be taken on and after April 1, 2018.
备注 You must take one of the followings.
1. N1 of JLPT
2."Japan and the World (questions in Japanese) of EJU

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