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TCC Japanese Institute  Japanese Language School /Tokyo

 School Characteristic

School is located in a quiet residential area with parks and libraries. Yet, we are conveniently located within 10 minutes of Shinjyuku, a major shopping and entertainment district in the heart of Tokyo.
We offer scholarships to students who have good academic records and demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning. There are four types of scholarships.
Experienced teachers give detailed lessons starting with the basics. Our curriculum and methods will enable students to pass the EJU, highest level of JLPT, and prepare them for university entrance exams. To assure that students are on their appropriate level or grade, we follow a strict pass/fail grading system, and can give supplementary lessons, if necessary.
We also offer advice and guidance also so that students can adjust to living in Japan.

First year  644,000 yen (include application fee, Entrance fee, Tuition(1year), Textbook fee(1 year), Insurance fee(2 year)) 
Second year  532,000 yen (Tuition and Textbook fee) 

We provide dormitories for students near our school.
This housing is available to all students at a reasonable rental fee

 Test and Interview Time and Place


 Location (Address)

5-28-4 Arai, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan. Zip; 165-0026

 Tel. / Fax

TEL 81-3-3388-6728 / FAX 81-3-3388-7653


 Number of Slots for New Student Enrollment and Number of Enrolled Students

206 maximum

 Nationality Distribution of Current Students

Chinese63%, Koria24%, Taiwan5%, Spanish1%, others7%(Hong Kong,Indonesia,Australia,Thailand,India, Bangladesh)

 % of Graduating Students Going to Institutes of Higher Education

Tokyo Univ. Tokyo Insutitute of Technology Univ. Saitama Univ. Toyama Univ. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Keio Univ. Hosei Univ. Chuo Univ. Meiji Univ. Sensyu Univ. Rikkyo Univ. Komazawa Univ. Nihon Univ. etc