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ARC ACADEMY  Japanese Language School /Tokyo,Osaka,Kyoto

 School Characteristic

1. Advanced Classes for Respective Purposes
①Graduate School Preparation Class (9months): Necessary preparation for exams to get into a graduate school and method of research will be taught.
②Special Preparation Class for Prestigious Universities (1year): Class to aim at entering national or public universities, as well as prestigious private universities.
③Business Japanese Class (1year): Class to aim at getting a job in Japan or at Japanese-affiliated company.
2. Elective Classes for Intermediate Level
Own selections of classes according to your needs are available. You can choose classes focused on; advancement for higher education, getting a job, Japanese affairs or etc...
3. Employment Support
Employment support section qualified to introduce jobs provides information on part-time jobs and support your job-hunting activities.
4. Medical Expenses Support
ARC's own medical expenses support system is in preparation for illness or accidents.

Application Fee:  JPY30,000 
Registration Fee:  JPY70,000 
Tuition Fee:  JPY680,000/year 

・Dormitory (Single Occupancy, Double Occupancy)
・Apartment (Single Occupancy, Double Occupancy)

 Test and Interview Time and Place


 Location (Address)

Shibuya School: 2-14-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Shinjuku School: 3F, 7-18-16 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Osaka School: 1-2-25 Nippombashi-nishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0004
Kyoto School: 349 Gokuishi-cho, Karasuma-Nishiiru, Manjuji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8429

 Tel. / Fax

Shibuya School:
    TEL: 03-3409-1057
    FAX: 03-3797-0034
Shinjuku School:
    TEL: 03-5337-0166
    FAX: 03-5337-0168
Osaka School:
    TEL: 06-6635-1735
    FAX: 06-6635-1736
Kyoto School:
    TEL: 075-353-7566
    FAX: 075-353-7567


International Projects Department (Tokyo):
International Projects Department (Kansai):

 Number of Slots for New Student Enrollment and Number of Enrolled Students

Shibuya School: Student Quota 428, Students Enrolled 266
Shinjuku School: Student Quota 240, Students Enrolled 125
Osaka School: Student Quota 225, Students Enrolled 119
Kyoto School: Student Quota 100, Students Enrolled 57

 Nationality Distribution of Current Students

China 329, Italy 31, Korea 29, U.S.A 26, Taiwan 22, France 15, Australia 11, Others 130

 % of Graduating Students Going to Institutes of Higher Education

Graduate School 79, Research Student at Graduate School 27, University 91, Vocational School 79 (100% Advancement Rate, April 2012)

 % of Graduating Students Entering the Workforce

Prospective Employees 8 (Business Japanese Class 2011)