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Toyohashi University of Technology Engineering 【豊橋技術科学大学】豊橋技術科...


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2017/01/19 Toyohashi University of Technology Engineering 学校新闻

【Toyohashi University of Technology】
We hosted the ASEAN University Presidents Forum in our education base in Malaysia (Penang).
Since its founding, our university has accepted many international students from universities all over the ASEAN region and undertaken collaborative educational research, but this event was held on the 40th anniversary of our founding with goal of deepening our ties with universities in ASEAN countries, further strengthening our cooperation and mutual development by discussing issues such as the globalization of universities and the international cooperation between universities. The presidents from ASEAN universities that have an exchange agreement with Toyohashi University of Technology participated in the forum, which was the first we have ever held since our founding.

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