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Thông tin ngành học

Faculty of Management

Sending out leading business professionals to the world

Developing world business leaders for companies with a global field of view

With a view to the future, in the first year, students gain a wide understanding of the basis of management theory through a systematic study of subjects in three interrelated fields: companies and business strategy; institutions and management; accounting and finance. At the same time, by taking part in an overseas study tour students discover their own potential and interests and prepare to develop these to a high level of specialisation. Furthermore, a curriculum featuring courses in leading-edge information analysis and practical language skills, as well as seminars and domestic internships, produces graduates well-equipped to function locally, nationally, and globally.

Developing business professionals

One feature of management study that sets it apart from other academic fields is that it is always focused on the practical. As society changes, so do management needs, requiring graduates who can recognize change as it happens and react quickly and appropriately by developing strategies and solutions. To that end, the Faculty of Management has put in place a learning system by which students select a specialisation and proceed by stages from basic to advanced levels of mastery. They also have the opportunity to test this knowledge in real situations, enabling them to develop truly practical skills.

Responding to worldwide business needs

In their first year in the Faculty of Management, all students can take part in an overseas business study tour. Through this experience, students can discover for themselves the overseas business environment, as well as realise their own potential as world business people. Their awareness of global business will deepen, their learning will be more efficient, and from this point, students can develop their practical international understanding by means of business English classes, language study tours, overseas internships, and study abroad exchange programs.

Global business communication

* Advanced Business English I~IV (Selection)
In the first year, 4 classes of 8 students per class will be selected on the basis of their results in a free TOEIC test (Test Of English for International Communication). Starting in the second semester, there are two classes a week for two years, taught by both Japanese and native speakers, with the aim of achieving a score of 700 — the level of everyday proficiency.
* Business English I~IV
Practical English is taught in small classes (15 students) by a native speaker in order to prepare students for today’s globalised business world.
* Management studies in English (Intercultural Communication et cetera)
To prepare students for functioning in an English-speaking business environment, some management courses are taught in simple English by native speakers.

A wide range of courses reflecting social needs and student interests

According to interest, students can select courses from 3 subject areas: companies and business strategy; institutions and management; accounting and finance. Furthermore, they can take courses and earn credits from courses offered in the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Policy Planning as well as earning credits from overseas study, internships, and professional qualifications achieved while they are at Chukyo. In this way, graduates will enter society with a wide, practical range of skills and experiences.

Professional qualifications

Students are encouraged to utilize the Qualifications Center in acquiring qualifications such as Real Estate Broker and Financial Planning Specialist. A number of the qualifications are, if successfully attained, counted towards course credits.

Global business communication

Global business communication

Overseas business study tour (1)

Overseas business study tour (1)

Overseas business study tour (2)

Overseas business study tour (2)

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