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Waseda University 政治經濟 Waseda University's application for the 2...


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2015/01/23 Waseda University 政治經濟 學校新聞

Waseda University's application for the 2015 UG admissions will open soon!

Waseda University will soon welcome applications for September 2015 admissions of the English-taught programs!
<Application period>
Feb 13th to March 4th
<Available programs>
School of Political Science and Economics
School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Science and Engineering
<Application procedure>
Please read the application guideline of your intended school, register online and submit required documents.
Application guidelines: http://web.waseda.jp/admission/en/uen/
Online registration page: https://www.apply.waseda.jp/

The admission is based on document screening and interview.
You can take the interview in Jakarta.
Should you have any question about the admissions, please send us an email:
- Waseda University: adm-iao@list.waseda.jp
- Fujistaff: sjapan@fujistaff.co.id (Inquiry in Indonesian)

Note: The School of International Liberal Studies has different application schedules as follows; <1st round> January 6th to February 4th <2nd round> February 5th to April 8th

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