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2021/08/02 Ryukoku University 學校新聞

Ryukoku Graduates in the Tokyo Olympics!

Yacht Club and Faculty of Economics Graduate Kazumasa SEGAWA Participating in the Tokyo Olympics!!
A former member of the university yacht club and March 2014 graduate from the Faculty of Economics, Mr. Segawa was selected to represent Japan in sailing (Finn class) at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He first started sailing after joining the yacht club as a freshman at Ryukoku University, participating in competitions in the Laser Class. However, after failing to make the Olympic cut in the Laser Class he switched to Finn about 15 months ago. He was then successfully selected for the Finn Class, a class of sailing that uses a boat nearly twice as heavy as the Laser Class.

On July 24th yacht club alumni held an online event to celebrate Mr. Segawa’s selection and encourage him on his Olympic journey. Approximately 50 current yacht club members and alumni participated in the event. Messages of congratulations were given by the university president, head of student affairs, alumni director and the ‘Segawa Oen-dan’, a committee set up by yacht club alumni to cheer for Mr. Segawa. The alumni committee also presented a video of encouragement performed by the university’s brass band and baton twirling and cheer team

Mr. Segawa commented “I am lucky enough to have had so many experiences supported by my amazing Ryukoku University senpai* and kohai*. I wish these experiences would have led to a more successful outcome in the team event in my 4th year. I believe however that this setback helped get me to where I am today. I hope that you will set goals without putting limitations on yourself. Dare to imagine what you might think is the unimaginable. Learn from both your successes and your failures. Take both these results and use them when embarking on your next step. Don’t let a failure bring you down. Let’s all do our best. We’ve got this!”
*senpai : your senior in year(s) ahead of you at school
*kohai : your junior in year(s) below you at school

Below are the race dates. The heats consist of a total of 19 boats competing for points in 10 races over 5 days. The top ten will secure a place in the medal race.

July 27thRace ①13:05Race ②14:20
July 28thRace ③12:05Race ④ 13:20
July 29thRace ⑤ 14:35Race ⑥ 15:50
July 31st Race ⑦ 12:05Race ⑧ 13:20
August 1st Race ⑨ 15:05Race ⑩ 16:20

August 3rd 14:30

Let’s all cheer for Mr. Segawa on his Olympic dream!

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