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Ryukoku University 本学では、龍谷大学生協と連携し、一人暮らしの学... | 뉴스 ...

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2021/06/18 Ryukoku University 학교 뉴스

In cooperation with the Ryukoku University Student Cooperative Association, Ryukoku University will hold the "100 yen Dinner" for students who live alone.
The "100 yen Dinner" is an initiative to support students who live alone by providing dinner for 100 yen, and also to support them in making friends and attending classes by holding club information sessions with senior students before and after the dinner.

Ryukoku University has a good reputation for taking good care of students.
Why don't you connect with us by studying abroad?

For more information about Ryukoku University's student support, please visit the following URL.

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