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Bagi Anda yang ingin melanjutkan studi ke Universitas Teikyo. JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT merupakan situs informasi studi di Jepang untuk para pelajar/mahasiswa(i) mancanegara yang dikelola bersama oleh The Asian Students Cultural Association (ABK) dan Benesse Corp. Kami menyediakan informasi rinci per fakultas, termasuk Fakultas Liberal ArtsatauFakultas EconomicsatauFakultas LawatauFakultas Fakultas sains dan teknologiatauFakultas Foreign LanguageatauFakultas Education, Universitas Teikyo. Bagi yang mencari informasi melanjutkan studi ke Universitas Teikyo, silakan memanfaatkannya. Selain itu, kami juga menyediakan informasi sekitar 1300 universitas, pascasarjana, universitas yunior, akademi kejuruan yang siap menerima mahasiswa(i) mancanegara.

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Informasi fakultas

Learn about Japan's economy and world affairs in real-time

In the Faculty of Economics, a variety of courses are prepared for the systematic and progressive acquisition of knowledge in the fields of economics and business. Seminars are an essential part of the curriculum that cultivate fundamental social skills of communication and presentation.

Practical education:

Training the business leaders of the 21st century with lectures from active members of the private and public sectors

Lectures are conducted by specialist researchers as well as professionals active in business and government, and their real-world experiences make for more in-depth, practical lessons. The curriculum is focused on hands-on learning, and students will learn practical strategies by experiencing economic activities firsthand and apply that knowledge towards the study of theory. Undergraduate students can also attend graduate school lectures and acquire a Master's degree in as short as 5 years of study through the "Combined undergraduate and postgraduate master's degree program".


An open curriculum provides a wide range of study opportunities that transcend the boundaries of faculties and departments.

One distinguishing feature of Teikyo University is the flexibility given to its students to study in fields of their interest outside of their faculty or department. Many of the classes offered in the Faculties of Economics, Law, Liberal Arts, Language Studies, and Education as well as the Junior College at the Hachioji Campus may be taken by any student as an elective course, and up to 34 credits acquired in this way can be applied to graduation requirements.

Special education:

Faculty of Economics homepage

Seminar class faculty will communicate with students through one-on-on meetings and office hours, to provide career counseling as well as support for their studies.

Faculty of Economics homepage

Experienced lecturers come from the worlds of business and government.

Experienced lecturers come from the worlds of business and government.

Scene of a lecture

Scene of a lecture

Learning the latest trends in the tourism industry

Learning the latest trends in the tourism industry

Department of Economics
Educating future business leaders equipped with the capacity to analyze economic trends and find solutions for issues

Students will deepen their knowledge of related topics through practical lectures provided by faculty with academic, professional, and government backgrounds. The curriculum gives students a great amount of flexibility, allowing students to pursue studies in the fields they are most interested in towards their study of economics. Students will be provided with the creative thinking skills and competitive sensibilities for discovering their own futures.

Department of Business Administration
Training business specialists through a purpose-driven course selection

The Department of Business Administration offers 3 courses: the Management Course, the Company and Accounting Course, and the Sports Management Course. Students will be able to learn and study at their own rate of progress with close guidance by faculty. Education in this programs will provide students with organically-linked theoretical and practical knowledge for identifying and finding solutions for various issues facing modern society.

Department of Regional Economics
Learning about the world and its economies from the various perspectives of basic economics

Students will learn to approach issues such as inequalities between urban and rural areas and urban overpopulation, and how to use economic solutions to stimulate and rebuild regions. The faculty have practical experience drawn from their work in regional businesses and governments. They strive to heighten students' adaptability through small-size seminars to prepare them for becoming regional leaders, entrepreneurs, heads of businesses, and agricultural managers.

Department of Tourism Management
Studying the many themes of tourism under the guidance of experienced faculty

In the Department of Tourism Management, students will come to understand the significance of tourism in modern society under the guidance of faculty with real-world experience and learn the mechanisms of tourism product development, distribution, and consumption to become able to contribute to future efforts to stimulate and develop communities and cities.

Department of International Economy
Cultivating human resources who will have what it takes to excel both in Japan and around the world

Students will gain an understanding of globalization as well as the economies, history, and current state of Asia and the world at large, as well as the theories and methods to analyze them. Other major topics cover the changing global economy, such as the economies of Latin America and Africa and the Euro crisis.

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