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Waseda University 基幹理工 【Waseda University】 The admission for Japane......


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2015/12/17 Waseda University 基幹理工 學校新聞

【Waseda University】 The admission for Japanese Language Program

WASEDA Japanese Language Program 2017 Fall admission is opened.

Although it is not related with the degree program, for those who wants to learn the Japanese language before entering the university or for the registered university students, Waseda university offers the Japanese language program for one year or half year.

The admission schedule is :
April 3rd (Mon.), 2017 – April 14th (Fri.), 2017, 23:00 p.m.(Japanese Standard Time)

The program duration is :
One-year September 21, 2017~September 15, 2018
Half-year September 21, 2017~March 15, 2018

For more detail, please visit the Center for Japanese Language.

We look forward to your apply.

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