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Soka University 理工 【創価大学】7月・8月 オープンキャンパス開催!... | 新聞...


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2015/04/28 Soka University 理工 學校新聞

【Soka University】Open Campus to happen in July and August!

We will have Open Campus in the following dates!

July 30th(Sat), 31st(Sun), August 21st(Sun) from 10:00 to 16:00

We will have several attractions, such as mock classes, Welcome Festival, one-to-one consultations on admissions, and other activities.

The reception desk will be at Global Square building, 1F, where the participants will receive a free meal ticket and souvenirs. There is no need to make an appointment before coming.

International Students Corner (Consultation on Admissions for International Students) – Global Square building, 6F
We will open a booth for one-to-one consultations on admissions for Undergraduate and Graduate programs, as well as Preparatory Japanese course.
Current international students will talk about their experiences about classes and dormitory lifestyle, as well as conditions for part-time jobs and other points!

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