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Waseda University 政治經濟 【早稲田大学 オープンキャンパス開催のお知らせ... ...


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2015/02/19 Waseda University 政治經濟 學校新聞

【Waseda University has a Open Campus】

Please be informed we have a open campus session on August at each Waseda campus.
Not only having a counseling by face to face with admission staff, but also you can talk with current student,
And you can take a demonstration class by our professor,
This program make you a Waseda student all the day.

No reservation is required. We are looking forward to see you !


【WAaseda University Information Session in SEOUL】

We are pleased to inform you that we have an information session in Seoul.

Date: May 23, SAT 09:00-15:00
For: Freshman who wants to enter on April and September 2016
Place: Lotte Hotel, Seoul

You can get an information by face to face or a brochure in Japanese and English.
No reservation is required, individual counseling is available.

We are looking for your visit. See you at there ^^

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