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2014/10/08 Showa Women's University 人類文化 學校新聞

SHOWA WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY--International Student News

1) Deadline for the "Pre-application check" for "Transfer Entrance Examination" is soon!
Those who are willing to apply for the "Transfer Entrance Examination" has to go through a pre-application check by Oct. 24th (fri). Please check the below URL for details (*The website is in Japanese)

2) Application starts on Nov. 4th --General Entrance and Transfer Entrance Exams for International Students
If you haven't received your application documents, please email with the below details!
1.Name (in Hiragana) 2.Name (in Kanji, if you have one) 3.e-mail 4.Zip code 5.Address 6. Phone# 7.Document type (Nov. exam/ Feb. exam)

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