Ryukoku University 2021年3月に修了した留学生別科生の進路状況を紹介... | 新聞 | 留學信息網站JPSS | 2021/04/28 update

Ryukoku University 2021年3月に修了した留学生別科生の進路状況を紹介... | 新聞...


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2021/04/28 Ryukoku University 學校新聞

Career Status Data for students who completed the JCLP in March 2021
Entered Ryukoku University Undergraduate School50%
Entered Ryukoku University Graduate School6%
Entered Undergraduate School at another university in Japan19%
Entered Graduate School at another university in Japan6%
Found employment in Japan13%
Returned to their home country6%

Over 90% of students who completed the JCLP (Japanese Culture and Language Program) have remained in Japan working or in further education, approximately 60% of whom entered either the undergraduate or graduate schools here at Ryukoku University. They all took the next step of their career this month, April 2021.

Why not come and study the beautiful language and culture of Japan at Ryukoku University’s Japanese Culture and Language Program?

Applications currently being accepted for September, 2021 admissions.

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