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Ryukoku University 「龍谷大学 留学生別科修了式」2021年3月18日(... | 新聞 |...


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2021/03/24 Ryukoku University 學校新聞

Ryukoku University’s JCLP Completion Ceremony
The JCLP Completion Ceremony was held on Thursday, March 18, 2021. Fourteen students successfully completed the Japanese Culture and Language Program.

After the ceremony the head of the JCLP presented the students with their certificates of completion. The students then took a commemorative photo with their Japanese language teachers.

These students will now be starting a new chapter of their lives and we wish them continued good health and the very best of luck with their new endeavors.

With the hope of making the completion ceremony a memorable one, JCLP faculty and staff presented each student with a 60cm bouquet of snacks and sweets! Yum yum!

Photos etc., from the event have been uploaded so please visit the following URL to see more!

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