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2014/09/29 Tokyo International University TIU E-Track 学校新闻

■【Tokyo International University】 B.A. in English: English Track Program (E-Track)
Spring and Fall 2015 Admission Information

B.A in English
E-Track Program Admission for Spring and Fall Intake is going to be open on following dates:
【Spring 2nd Round and Fall 1st Round 2015 Intake】Application Period:
November 7, 2014 – November 21, 2014

Please read the Application Guideline carefully before you apply.
Online application:
Application Guideline:

【Facebook Page】
English Track Program’s Facebook page has just opened. Visit the following link and find out what is going on at TIU.
We look forward to hearing your feedback.

【Open Campus】
Tokyo International University will have Open Campus for applicants of undergraduate and graduate, and also for teacher of Japanese-Language school.
We are looking forward to seeing you on campus.
12:00-16:00 October 11 (Sat.), 2014

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