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Hiroshima University 【広島大学たおやかプログラム】7月22日「第17回た... | 新...


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2014/07/11 Hiroshima University 学校新闻

[Hiroshima University TAOYAKA Program] Announcement: the 16th TAOYAKA Program Seminar
Date& Time: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 14:30-16:00pm
Venue: Hiroshima University IDEC 405
Speaker: Professor Ruby Sain (Department of Sociology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India)
Title: The Relevance of Folk Religion in Modern India
Abstract: Since July 1991 the Indian society has been restructured in psychological, social, economic, political, administrative and policy related issues but the importance of folk religion never declined as this was in the past. Rather resurgence of religion and folk religion is more important in the present context. In fact Folk Religion is transmitted by the common people in any region, place or country from generation after generation and it has great impact upon the political, economic, and cultural development of particular region and continues to satisfy the emotional and religious needs of the people. The present researcher would like to highlight the sociological reasons of Indian scenarios.
Language: English
Expected audience: students of Hiroshima University


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