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Ryukoku University 学生アンケートの結果から、一人暮らしの学生の約2... | 新闻...


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2021/11/01 Ryukoku University 学校新闻

A student survey revealed that many students were struggling in their everyday life during the pandemic, and approximately 20% of students living alone had to decrease their budget allocation for food. For this reason the university decided to offer support.

In collaboration with the Ryukoku University Co-op, a ‘100-yen dinner’ campaign was run from the end of June until the start of August, offering a full meal for just 100 yen. To ensure social distancing was practiced, students could make bookings for one of three time-slots. The campaign, which targeted students living alone, saw up to 400 students a day.

An article about the ‘100-yen dinner’ campaign was printed in AERA, a weekly magazine published by the Asahi Shimbun, and released on October 25th, 2021.

Three students from Ryukoku were interviewed about student life during the corona pandemic, and what they thought about the ‘100-yen dinner’ campaign provided by the university.

This article was also published in the digital version and can be found at the following link. Please check it out!

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