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International University of Japan 7月8日(日)に東京で開催される「2018年度外...


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2018/06/18 International University of Japan 学校新闻

Living in Japan right now, and looking to further your education?
IUJ is participating in the Study-in-Japan Fair in Tokyo on Sunday, July 8.

IUJ was established in 1982 as the first graduate school in Japan which all courses are taught in English. More than 4,200 alumni from about 123 countries work or continue to study Ph.D. course, etc. around the world. On IUJ campus, about 360 students from about 60 countries study and enjoy campus life together. IUJ: Where the World Gathers!

If you are interested in applying for 2019 academic year or in the near future, please visit our booth at this event.

For more detail, please see our website.

Office of Admissions and Career Support

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