International University of Japan 2020年度入試の出願受付を開始しました。出願はオ... | 뉴스 | 유학 정보 사이트JPSS | 2019/07/03 update

International University of Japan 2020年度入試の出願受付を開始しました。出願...

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2019/07/03 International University of Japan 학교 뉴스

The IUJ online application for 2020 admissions is now available through IUJ’s website:

The 2020 Admissions Guidelines and the Scholarship Guidelines are also available at the same site.

☆New IUJ Brochure☆

Please come and study in a diverse international environment!

for Admission of International Relations Program, International Development Program, Public Management and Policy Analysis Program, Japan-Global Development Program and PhD programs.
for Admission of 2-year MBA Program, 1-year MBA Program and Japan-Global Development Program.


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