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International University of Japan 国際大学(IUJ)は、国際関係学、国際開発学...

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2019/03/14 International University of Japan 학교 뉴스

Looking to pursue graduate studies in Japan? IUJ offers courses in English, a diverse international atmosphere, and a picturesque mountainside campus location - all with easy proximity to the heart of Tokyo. Our current student body comprises over 50 nationalities, and our alumni association spans over 4,300 individuals from 129 countries. We take pride in creating leaders with global perspectives.

IUJ is a school that is continually growing – not just by the number of countries that students hail from, but in its international standing. The Graduate School of International Management proudly obtained accreditation from AACSB in 2018.


Deadline for 2019 admissions are Wednesday, March 20th for international applicants, and Tuesday, May 7th for domestic applicants. For more details on how to apply and the courses we offer, visit our website.

IUJ website:

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