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Musashino University 법률 【大学院入試】2024年度大学院修士課程(海外出... | ...

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2018/01/10 Musashino University 법률 학교 뉴스

【September Enrollment / Global Business / English program 】

Overseas Applications for the Department of Global Business 2023 September Enrollment are being accepted.

We still have 2 intakes remaining for the September 2023 enrollment.
Each deadline is February 27th, 2023 and March 27th, 2023.
Please refer to the Application guidelines for details.

September enrollment is only available to applicants who currently reside outside of Japan and wish to apply to the Department of Global Business.

●Application guidelines for overseas international students Department of Global Business 
(2023 September Entry)

●Department of Global Business (Brochure P13)

●Global Leader Scholarship (Brochure P30)

【Department of Global Business】
As the Department of Global Business offers classes all in English, Japanese language skills are not required. You will learn marketing, economics, finance, and other business topics professionally and practically from faculty members who have great experience working in global companies.

We offer a special scholarship called the Global Leader Scholarship.
If you get the highest of level of this scholarship (Global-S), 100% of tuition fees and educational enhancement fees will be waived for a maximum of 4 years.
You can apply for it when you submit your application.

Do not miss this great opportunity!

【Contact】Musashino University Admissions Office
Tel: 03-5530-7300 (+81-3-5530-7300)
(Office hours: 8:45 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays and 8:45 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays)

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