International Christian University (ICU) 2017年度オープンキャンパスは、下記の日程で開催... | 뉴스 | 유학 정보 사이트JPSS | 2017/07/21 update

International Christian University (ICU) 2017年度オープンキャンパスは、下記...

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2017/07/21 International Christian University (ICU) 학교 뉴스

Open Campus and Information Session

We will offer a series of events including lecture demonstrations and campus tour.
Participants will also have an opportunity to interact with ICU students, faculty and staff to get more
ideas about what it is to be like a graduate school student at ICU.

No prior registration is required. Please feel free to join us!

Visit our website to find out about these two events:



Check our website for admissions information.
For further details, please read the Admissions Handbook available in PDF format on the above-mentioned website.

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