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Chukyo University Management 【中京大学】7月17日(日)JASSO日本留学フェア(.....

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2016/07/08 Chukyo University Management 학교 뉴스

【Chukyo University】Japan Education Fair 2016 in Taipei on July 17
Chukyo University will participate in (Taipei) Japan Education Fair 2016. Chukyo University gives advice to potential international students concerning our educational system,educational programs,admission procedures,and characteristics. If you are interested in Chukyo University, please come to our university booth!

[Taipei]  Date & Time July 17, 2016 (Sun) 10:45 to 17:00
Location:Taipei World Trade Center

【Documents distributed】
・Chukyo University brochures
・Admission Guide
・International Student past exam collection
・Admissions application Guidelines & Documents for International students(graduate & underGraduate) etc.

For more information, please check the Japan Student Services Organization Website.

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