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Introduction of Studies Integrated Informatics

Integrated Informatics

Using information as a tool for considering a range of issues.

Integrated information studies approach the various issues faced in the social sciences and natural sciences from the perspective of information. By acquiring the theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to information, media, and computers, information can be put to use towards solving a variety of problems. Information processing and information management are learned and then applied towards studies involving data collection and analysis among various themes, including natural phenomena such as for the atmosphere, the Earth’s crust, and living things; economic phenomena such as capital and finance; and social phenomena such as population, food supplies, businesses, and regional studies.

Universities that offer these studies include...

関西大学 | Kansai University

There are many possibilities for learning waiti...

Kansai University

広島女学院大学 | Hiroshima Jogakuin University

Hiroshima Jogakuin University was founded as Hi...

Hiroshima Jogakuin University

東洋大学 | Toyo University

The beginnings of Toyo University can be found ...

Toyo University

駿河台大学 | Surugadai University

Located in Hanno City in northern Saitama Prefe...

Surugadai University

東京都市大学 | Tokyo City University

A university is a place that gives you the wing...

Tokyo City University

桜美林大学 | J. F. Oberlin University

● What kind of school is J. F. Oberlin Universi...

J. F. Oberlin University

愛知淑徳大学 | Aichi Shukutoku University

Since its inception, Aichi Shukutoku University...

Aichi Shukutoku University

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