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Search Japanese Universities in Shimane.

Shimane Prefecture is home to the Izumo Grand Shrine, one of the most ancient and important shrines in Japan. The Oki Islands, a famous remote island chain, are also part of Shimane. Visiting sights such as these can be fresh and exciting experiences for international students. While some costs such as rent are unavoidable, one benefit of coming to study in Shimane is the relatively low cost of living, and without the usual rush of commuting one would find in larger urban areas, international students can enjoy a more relaxed, easygoing life.

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The University of Shimane Faculties

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Temple University, Japan Campus
Kobe Gakuin University
Osaka University
Sophia University
Kansai University
Meiji Gakuin University
Chuo University
Hosei University
Teikyo University
Tokyo International University
Fukui University of Technology
Rikkyo University
Daito Bunka University
Yokohama National University