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Environmental Studies

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Informasi fakultas

Objectives for the Cultivation of Human Resources and Our Education and Research Programs

Our objective is to cultivate human resources who can contribute to the realization of sustainable societies. They will do this by scientifically examining environmental issues from a regional to global scale in order to create sustainable natural and urban environments, and to transform economic systems to be more environmentally-friendly.
The Faculty of Environmental Studies focuses on environmental studies through practical courses and research that transcend the borders of liberal arts and sciences in order to train students into capable experts who can contribute to solving environmental problems. The 21st Century has been called the "environmental century", with urgent issues arising around the world which need to be solved, ranging from global warming and the conservation of biological diversity to problems that directly affect humans, such as energy security and access to clean water. The Faculty of Environmental Studies has two departments: the Department of Restoration Ecology and Built Environment, and the Department of Environmental Management. Both departments aim to create capable, professional problem-solvers equipped with the knowledge related to environments and ecosystems and the ways they are affected by economic activity.

Two Departments focusing on environmental issues

The Department of Restoration Ecology and Built Environment covers the building of natural environments. The Department of Environmental Management covers the building of sustainable societies. These two departments take a multi-faceted approach towards addressing environmental issues, and students learn various methods for building better environments.

A system of specialized learning in 4 fields

The courses offered by the Faculty of Environmental Studies are divided into 4 fields: Ecological Environments, Urban Environments, Sustainable Management, and Environmental Policy. Student learn through highly-specialized courses covering topics such as the mechanisms of environments and ecosystems, issues facing cities, sustainable business practices for companies, and environmental policy-making for government bodies.

Special education programs for linking global and regional topics

Many fieldwork programs both in Japan and around the world are available to students. Students can learn about environmental issues first-hand both on and around campus through "green community development" and at international study programs held in countries like Australia, China, and Nepal.

Laboratories for focusing on specialization

In their 3rd year, students are assigned to laboratories related to their field of study. Faculty provide direct and detailed guidance on topics including identifying research themes, research methods, and specific research approaches. In their 4th year, students complete their graduation research as the summation of their major undergraduate research.

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Department of Restoration Ecology and Built Environment
Creating sustainable, comfortable communities and urban spaces by linking nature with cities through science

The Ecological Environment field covers the preservation, repair, and restoration of natural ecosystems.
Students will learn practical lessons in the field, both in Japan and around the world, with topics including conservation and repair of the environment at the local level as well as global anti-desertification initiatives.

The Urban Environment field covers the creation of environmentally-friendly communities and urban living spaces.
Students will learn both in theory and in practice how to approach environmental issues facing cities, such as the relationships between urban activities and the environment, living spaces and land usage.

Department of Environmental Management
Using highly practical approaches to find solutions to problems facing societies and the environment

In order to realize a society that is in harmony with nature, approaches using various perspectives are required, such as those of businesses and governments. In the Department of Environmental Management, students will gain the in-depth knowledge and vision required to realize sustainable societies and acquire the planning and execution skills for developing policies, products, and technologies which promote environmentally-friendly behaviors by both businesses and consumers. Through exchanges with businesses and governments in Japan and around the world, students gain an understanding of the problems facing businesses and citizens from an international perspective, cultivating practical skills for creating environments which address those problems.

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