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Ryukoku University ★「Top Buddhist University in the World」★龍... | Berita ...

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2021/02/15 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

★「Top Buddhist University in the World」★

Ryukoku University was named number one in the “Top Buddhist Universities in the world” for two years running in 2018 and 2019. The ranking is conducted by uniRank, a leading directory and search engine with reviews and rankings of over 13,600 universities around the globe.


Let’s introduce you to the history of one of the most internationally important Buddhist universities in the world!

Ryukoku University’s history begins in 1639, with the establishment of the educational institute ‘Gakuryo’ (Boarding School) in the precincts of the Nishi-Hongwanji Temple. In 2019 it celebrated the 380th anniversary of its founding.

―1880(Meiji 13) 
Royal visit of the Emperor Meiji to the Omiya campus (originally named Daikyoko)
On the north side of the main gate at the Omiya campus you can see a stone pillar engraved with 明治天皇御小休所本願寺旧大教校, which roughly translates as ‘the former Daikyoko of Hongwanji Temple, a place where Emperor Meiji rested on his travels’. It was erected in 1937 (Showa 12) when the then Ministry of Education declared it a historic site.

The main hall, north and south classroom buildings, connecting corridor, old guardian house and main gate, all completed in February 1879 (Meiji 12), and part of the present Omiya campus, have been designated as important cultural assets of Japan.

The Ryukoku campus has been used as a set in numerous movies and television dramas. There are also very few examples, both nationally and globally, of students being able to take regular classes in buildings that have been classified as ‘Important Cultural Property’!!

In 1958 Ryukoku welcomes key figures on official visits, such as President Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India.

Ryukoku University publishes Japan’s first general-interest magazine, the ‘Chuo-Koron’.
Students in the regular course organized a group to publish a magazine called the ‘Reflection Association Magazine’. Twelve years later, in 1899 (Meiji 32), it was renamed the ‘Chuo-Koron’ and is still in publication today.

―Ryukoku University operates the Ryukoku Museum in Kyoto.


The Ryukoku Museum, located in front of the Nishi-Hongwanji Temple, a designated world cultural heritage site, is Japan’s first comprehensive Buddhist museum. Open to the public, the museum showcases a wide variety of cultural assets, academic materials and statues primarily related to Buddhism. There is also a museum theater and café.

Check out this amazing photo opportunity!

So, what do you think?
Don’t you agree that Ryukoku is a one-of-a-kind university, with an amazing, rich history!
The university itself is entrenched in the history that appears on the very pages of the textbooks you study. Take a short stroll out the gates and you will be greeted by the kind of beautiful scenery depicted in old hand painted scrolls. A university located in the very heart of breathtaking Kyoto and the luscious nature of Shiga. Come to Ryukoku and be immersed in the very essence of Japanese culture.

If you are thinking about studying at a university in Japan, look no further!
Ryukoku University is the place for you!

To learn more about Ryukoku University’s rich history visit the following sites.



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