Ryukoku University みなさん、龍谷大学成人式のつどいを最後までご覧... | Berita | JPSS, Website informasi belajar di Jepang | 2021/01/27 update

Ryukoku University みなさん、龍谷大学成人式のつどいを最後までご覧... | Berit...

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2021/01/27 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

Hello Everyone! Did you watch the Ryukoku University “Coming of Age” Ceremony until the end?
For those who haven’t seen it yet, you can view it at the following links.
In Japanese: https://www.jpss.jp/ja/news/2076/
In English: https://www.jpss.jp/en/news/2076/

At the end of the video, you’ll see a member of the Cheerleading Team giving a cheer for those celebrating their coming of age.

Perhaps this is the first time for some of you to hear this type of cheerleading?
So what exactly is this type of cheerleading?

***There are the athletes, enduring a harsh training routine and the battle on game day.
And then, there are the people who fight alongside those athletes.
Let us introduce you to the Ryukoku University Cheerleading Team, fighting together with the athletes through their supporting cheers.***

The Ryukoku University Cheerleading Team is like an “ōendan”, a Japanese sports rallying team.

You’ll often see this style of cheering in Japanese school anime, with the members dressed in black uniforms cheering “Hooray, hooray” in loud voices.

The Cheerleading Team’s motto is to “have fun cheering together”. The club not only cheers on our athletes and sporting teams at various sporting events, but also plays an active role in a variety of situations, cheering at faculty and group ceremonies, and cheering on students at events such as the entrance and graduation ceremonies.

Please think about becoming the star of your own teen drama and enjoying your university life as a “cheering athlete”!

We welcome you to Ryukoku University!

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