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Universitas Musashino Fakultas Global Musashino University has started to acc...

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2016/09/08 Universitas Musashino Fakultas Global Berita sekolah

Musashino University has started to accept applications for Undergraduate Special Admission for International Baccalaureate 2017

Application Period:September 1, 2016 (Thu) - September 14, 2016 (Wed)
Preliminary Result Announcement:October 4, 2016 (Tue)
Second Selection Date:November 6, 2016 (Sun)
Result Announcement:November 8, 2016 (Tue)
Enrollment period:April 2017

Faculty of Global StudiesDepartment of Global Business
               Department of Japanese Communication
Department of Global Communication
Faculty of Education Department of Childhood Education

Applicant criteria
Applicants must have, or be due to receive, an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma awarded by the IB Office by March 31, 2017

There are additional requirements by desired Department
Please check the following link to get more information

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