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Ryukoku University 中国語圏から日本への留学を考えておられる方必見... | Berit...

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2021/01/27 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

A must-read for students from Chinese-speaking countries thinking about studying in Japan!
This ‘Study in Japan Guidebook’ is being released on February 1st.

- I like Japanese culture. I want to study there. I want to live there. -
This guidebook will help you make the right decision!

Jointly written by Takeshi Miki, a professor at Ryukoku University’s Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology, and Wu Jiawen, a professor from the National Taiwan University, this guidebook is a must-read for students thinking about studying in Japan.

Many students don’t have all the necessary information when deciding which university or research institute to study at abroad. Both professors Miki and Wu believe that it is absolutely necessary to have an in-depth understanding of a country’s culture and application systems. If you’re thinking about coming to Japan to study this book will help you like no other.

In addition to providing basic information on the benefits of studying in Japan, the application process and fees, it also gives the latest application details for eight of Japan’s top universities. You can also learn about the whole exchange student process, from application through to being accepted and coming to Japan. The authors also provide advice on everyday living in Japan and how to get along with your Japanese peers and professors, as well as hints on how to make the most out of your time studying at one of Japan’s top universities.

Click on the following link for information on Professor Miki’s academic and employment history. His activities both here in Japan and abroad make for a unique perspective and are just another reason why you must read ‘Study in Japan Guidebook’!

Read this book and turn you dreams to study in Japan into a reality!

Chinese description of the book ↓

Professor Takeshi Miki’s faculty introduction homepage ↓

Ryukoku University’s Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology (opened in April, 2020) ↓

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