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Ryukoku University ≪留学生別科の授業について≫具体的には ・日本... | Berita ...

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2020/10/19 Ryukoku University Berita sekolah

Lectures at Japanese Culture and Language Program

Quick overview of the JCLP Program at Ryukoku University.
• For Japanese language-related classes, a test will be held to ensure that students are placed in a class suited to their language ability. In general, all language classes will be held in the morning, but class times can be changed if the lecturer is in agreement.
• There are approximately 20 places available in the program per semester. Because classes are divided into levels according to ability, class sizes are small (about 6 students for the second program of 2020). Due to these small numbers, teachers have the time to assist students individually, and are also available to advise students on matters pertaining to not only their studies, but also their life in Japan.
• Special lectures and all classes related to Japanese culture and society are held in the afternoon. These include some classes that students can choose to take in English.
• The JCLP program also includes some extracurricular classes that give students the opportunity to learn about the culture, tradition and arts of beautiful Kyoto.
• In addition to being able to take some lectures with Ryukoku University undergraduate students, international students on the JCLP Program can also use all facilities available to every other (course-enrolled) student, such as the library and IT rooms etc.
• Students who complete the JCLP program, and who met other specified criteria, are able to enroll in Ryukoku’s undergraduate or graduate programs, with scholarships available in some cases.

The primary teacher for the JCLP program is an undergraduate course lecturer at Ryukoku university, with years of experience teaching the Japanese language. They have published many papers and books, and given lectures and oral presentations related to Japanese language education. Past participants on the JCLP have said extremely positive things, such as “the homerooms are so much fun!” and “it was easy asking for advice on non-school related things”.

Why not come and join in the fun of being an international student on the JCLP program?

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